Best Place to Take a Spin Class: CoreBalance Studio

Fit Phoenicians are always looking for ways to stay in shape and it’s no secret spin classes are at the top of the list. Where’s the best place to get your spin on though? Strap on those cycling shoes and get ready for the ride of your life because CoreBalance Studio has been named Best Place to Take a Spin Class in the Best of Our Valley 2014 contest.


Best Place to Take a Spin Class

WINNER: CoreBalance Studio

Rhythm Cycle

The Madison Improvement Club

Studio 360

CoreBalance Studio is an upscale urban loft Studio that offers amazing small group fitness classes. Located in the heart of Central Phoenix at 32nd street and Camelback in our renovated ex jewelry store CoreBalance studio offers a clean and unique feel when you walk through the door. The second floor loft offers amazing Spin Classes that will make you sweat and work your core as well as your legs. CoreBalance Studio was the first Studio in Phoenix to offer spin classes that have a live DJ working the turn tables as you spin. The cardio benefits go without saying; our RealRyder bikes are the best.

CoreBalance Studio also offers small personalized Yoga classes that are great for beginners or those wanting something more personal and unique. Our instructors are personable and willing to take the time to make everyone feel successful no matter what our clients level of practice is. Our Yoga room holds about 25 people comfortably and is heated to a comfortable 85-90 Degrees.

Our Barre classes are amazing as well; we offer a Classic Barre class taught by our retired professional ballet dancer. Alison utilizes her dancing and Pilates background to work your legs and core. If you want to strengthen and lengthen your lower half this is the class for you.


We got out votes by…

Asking our Friends, Family, and Clients to vote for us on a regular basis.

We are the best Place to Take Spin Class in the Valley because…

We have a Spin Bike that is futuristic and unique to the industry (RealRyder) and amazing instructors that are given the freedom to customize and personalize their own classes. Music selection and personality/energy are very important to us. We offer an upscale private studio that people feel welcome and comfortable when they walk up our stairs and take pride in knowing all of our clients by name!

We would like to thank…

All of our clients and supporters!

Winning the Best of Our Valley contest is important to us because…

It gives our Studio an opportunity to officially tell our neighbors and new friends that we are the Best Spin Studio.

We are motivated by…

The willingness of our clients and friends to make changes to their body, mind, and attitude. We love to see their results.

We pride ourselves on…

Offering a personal experience every time our clients walk through the door. We know everyone by name and we strive to know something about each and every one of our clients.

Some of our other favorite businesses, people, places, etc. in the Valley are…

We are very thankful to the employees of Moda Fina Fine Jewelry for their support. We would also like to thank the UPS Store on 32nd and Camelback for their partnership and support. We would also like to point out that the Lululemon store at the Biltmore Shopping Mall has been amazing to collaborate with.

Our favorite thing about Arizona is…

The weather and the people! We love that our community is dedicated to fitness and the outdoors.

We love our community because…

We can walk or ride our bikes to the most amazing restaurants, fitness studios, and parks. We love to see people on the Canal running and riding their bikes. Most of all we love that our neighbors have embraced CoreBalance Studio and love our Spin and Yoga classes.

We are looking forward to the Best of Our Valley Bash because….

We like to Party! We also look forward to meeting other business owners and staff that work hard every day to make Phoenix the best place to live and play.

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  1. I had a negative experience with one of your yoga instructors last month. She came across extremely unapproachable and was not friendly to a newcomer given it was my first class. I believe teachers should empower their students rather than make them feel bad about themselves. I took a 530am class with a friend and we both felt the same way. I believe her name was Bridget or something similar but I will not return given this experience. Best of luck. We will stick with The Madison improvement Club where everyone is welcoming and encouraging.

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