The Arizona Tummy Tuck King: Dr. Remus Repta


When it comes to a tummy tuck, you want the best plastic surgeon you can find.  Dr. Remus Repta has been deemed the king of tummy tucks in the Valley for just reasons.  Whether you’re looking to lose post-pregnancy poundage or are simply trying to get down to the size you want, Dr. Repta will give you the results you are looking for.

When it comes to tummy tucks, Dr. Remus Repta is AZ Foothills’ go-to choice.  AZ Foothills got the chance to chat with Dr. Repta.  Check out what he has to say about what makes his tummy tucks unique, along with his special scar therapy product, embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy, below, along with before and after pictures.


AFM- Tell us about embrace®.  How would you describe it to a potential patient, and why would they benefit from using it?

It started off with the idea that women having kids are quite reluctant to the fact that their bodies are changed forever post pregnancy and are no longer young, vibrant and sensual like they were before pregnancy.  Tummy tucks that are natural will take women to the pre-pregnancy status bodies they had before.  With a good tummy tuck, you want to make the belly button look natural and the waste look natural.

I noticed I would always get a scar 2 to 3 millimeters wide on patients.  I tried all the creams and never got the thin face lift type scar I wanted.  Finally, I ran across the product embrace®.  I used it on a couple of my tummy tuck wounds and saw a low face lift-like scar on a high profile wound.  There is always some extra tension on the wound.  embrace® locks the skin edges together and pushes the skin edges together for about 8 weeks.  There’s not that much tension on the skin for about eight weeks, so it gives you the thin face life like scar instead of a large and noticeable tummy tuck scar.

AFM- What is the biggest advantage to using embrace®?

Without embrace® on a tummy tuck, it is virtually impossible to get a tight tummy tuck and a super thin scar.  If you do a tummy tuck, you will get tension on the scar.  Without this product, you can do a not tummy tuck but it won’t look as good as it can.  With embrace®, patients get the best of both worlds with a tight tummy and a thin low tension scar.

AFM- What kind of feedback have you been getting from your clients?

Uniformly positive. I’m a little bit of a pragmatist.  We get sales people coming into the office all the time. We don’t have any patients who haven’t given positive feedback.  It feels good as soon as they put it on because it feels secure, and they can also see how the embrace® makes the scar less thick.  A handful of patients who have had a tummy tuck and had a wider scar have had the scar revised and closed it up again and put embrace® on it.  These patients experienced both non-embrace tummy tuck scars as well as the embrace tummy tuck scar and are uniformly happy and glad to have used embrace® the second time around.

AFM- How does it compare to other products out there?

It pretty much blows everything else out of the water. It’s really the only product of its kind out there.  Everything else doesn’t really actively treat the sore.  It’s a dynamic scar treatment product that physically works on the scar and allows it to heal with low tension closure.

AFM- How has it impacted your practice?

My tummy tucks will never be complete in terms of me being completely happy with everything, but they are as complete as they have ever been with the help of embrace®.  My patients consistently get tummy tuck results where they feel better than they have ever felt.

Featured below are before and after pictures.  Before is on the left and after is on the right.

view602_before view602_after

view509_before view509_after


For additional information and to view other before and after pictures, visit

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