2014’s Best of Our Valley for Kids


At AZ Foothills we LOVE kids.  Kids are so important!  So naturally, we want the best of the best for the children of our Valley.  Last year, we brought you our picks for top birthday party spots, private schools, nanny agencies, kid-friendly hotels, clothing stores, and much more.

In addition to these categories, we are excited to bring a plethora of even more fun and exciting categories to our 2014 Best of Our Valley Children’s Section.  Here is a quick sneak peak of just a few of our latest categories we will have to offer this upcoming year.


Why is it so difficult to find a place to take the whole family out to dinner?  This year we will try and make it easier to find the perfect place for your family to all go out together by adding the most entertaining dinner spot for kids and the best place to dine without crayons.


Health is important for kids! At AZ Foothills we care. We want our kids in the Valley as healthy as possible!  We also want to make the decision of whom you trust with your child’s health easy! This year’s contest will include Best Children’s Hospital, as well as the best pediatricians, orthodontists, and dentists in the Valley.


We aren’t revealing all our new categories just yet!  You’ll have to wait until voting begins on October 1.  In the mean time, continue to send in nominations to bestof@azfoothills.com by September 1, 2013.

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The Best of Our Valley 2014 will start before you know it!

If you’re looking for 10 FUN activities to do with your children this weekend follow this link: MOM BLOG!


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