Your Car Will Soon be an Android

Have you tried the iPhone 4?  It is an amazing little piece of technology.  People all over the world now possess the ability to talk face to face, capture high quality video and photos, and, well, do anything anyone can do with internet access, which is to say, anything.  But, if this little machine of high tech miracles is so great, then why are there thousands upon thousands of sites and tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone?  If the iPhone truly is the pinnacle of handheld human achievement, then why are so many users in such a hurry to make it something else?

The answer is limitations.  Apple believes that it is running an unofficial monopoly within the hyper-smart phone market, and thus can use their perceived control to track and limit what its users can do with the device in a manner which is financially beneficial to them and their partners.  Or at least that is becoming the common perception of both the general public and tech geeks alike.  Perhaps this is why Android smart phone devices are now greatly outpacing apple devices in every market.  With the limitations of the seemingly limitless, Android will now be taking center stage in many future applications of smart phone technology.  This, of course, includes smart phone auto interface.

Automotive supplier Harman International has stepped up to the plate with it’s new Android based in car infotainment system.  The system fully integrates any android device with a vehicle’s built in stereo and navigation tools.  This includes connecting to your music or movies via Google’s cloud software, as well as controlling your device via voice, head unit, and steering wheel buttons.  Speaking of voice, this system will read you your facebook, e-mail, and twitter updates on command.  In addition, you can program it to relay customized news feeds, weather, podcasts, relevant traffic alerts, and personalized streaming internet radio.

Phoenix Valley auto and tech enthusiasts can keep an eye out for the new Harmon at…well, anywhere at this point, as Harmon is still seeking a major auto manufacturer to carry it’s system as standard or optional.  Of course, an aftermarket version should be available soon for Phoenix Valley Android users.  Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should plan on attending the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show to learn about the most recent concepts and innovations in the auto industry, including the most recent and cutting edge products in the area of in car infotainment and telematics, taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.

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