Why the Phoenix Desert is Perfect for a Motorcycle

There once existed a trade along the American west coast.  Entrepreneurial Vagabonds would travel up to the Pacific Northwest, buy motorcycles on the cheap, and then resell them in southern California at a handsome profit.  What was their secret?  The seasons.  Cities and regions which are given to seasons tend to foster fickle hobbies and habits.

In Seattle, for example, someone may, being overjoyed upon the experience of some dry summer weather, buy a motorcycle, their head full of dreams of long warm rides through the cascades or over the Olympic peninsula.  THEN, after a few months, the rainy season would return, and all dreams of warm two wheel touring would drift away and wait until the next summer.  This is when the entrepreneurial vagabond sweeps in with an offer that the would be Northwestern motorcycle enthusiasts cannot refuse.

Phoenix Arizona:  Year round warmth and clear skies, not to mention long and flat stretches of highway surrounding the Phoenix Valley area and all throughout the state, render the Phoenix Arizona motorcycle enthusiasts immune to seasonal bouts of inspiration and frustration.  A motorcycle ride in January will be roughly the equivalent of a motorcycle ride in June, only with more or less sweat.  Phoenix Arizona is a city built for the production, refinement, and trade of copper, cattle, cotton and citrus, which resulted in it being built for large trading wagons and train lines, which in turn makes for a modern city with a flat and wide street layout, seemingly built for the motorcycle.

Phoenix Arizona is the best place in the country to own and enjoy a motorcycle, whether one wishes to go on an off road dirt bike adventure, tour the vast and beautiful Arizona highway system, or cruise the urban grid in comfort, convenience, and style.

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