Vespa Offers Phoenix A Timeless Classic

Phoenix is hot.  Phoenix is dry.  Phoenix is a large city with an increasingly dense downtown area.  Phoenix is the best city in the country in which to own a Vespa.  While a motorcycle is certainly not for everyone, a Vespa can easily pick up the slack for those who need to traverse the cities streets.  And lets face it, navigating city traffic and tight urban streets is a lot easier on a scooter than in an SUV, and parking is not a problem.

Evolving from the post-war years in Italy before later being adopted by the Mods in the UK, not to mention some starlets and leading men on the silver screen, the Vespa has always been a tool of practicality hidden in a hip and stylish piece of engineering and design.

Between using a Vespa and owning a light-rail pass, a Phoenix resident who lives anywhere near the light-rail line can easily get around with nothing else.  Aside from being environmentally friendly, a Vespa can also save any Phoenix Arizona driver thousands of dollars a year on gas.

This bring us around to the price-tag.  A Vespa style scooter can sell brand new for less than $1,000, while some other models and name brand LTDs and re-releases may go for closer to $2,000.  Anything higher is generally getting into the domain of collectors.

Phoenix Arizona residents can find Vespas at any of the Phoenix Valley area Vespa dealers.  In Tempe the “Urban Commuter”, who sell Vespas along with other scooters and electric bikes, have earned a reputation for quality service.

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