Vespa Now Reaching High Speeds, Legal for Highway

Every segment of the auto and transportation industry is cashing in on soaring gas prices and environmental awareness in Phoenix Arizona, as well as the international market as a whole.  For the big auto manufacturers, this means more hybrid and full electric models and options.  For public transit engineers, this means an increasing public interest in efficient and realistic light and high speed rail options.

For Vespa, this means overcoming an image of being a vehicle reserved for college students and hipsters who need only ride short distances at 35 mph.  With newer highway friendly models topping out at over 80 mph, Vespa has become a more friendly option for Phoenix, Arizona residents who need to use the freeway and highway to commute over longer distances.  Lets look at three newer highway legal Vespa models:

GTS 300 Super:  Pictured below, this is the fastest and most tech advanced model in the history of the company.  The design is sleek and futuristic, while still retaining it’s Italian vintage appeal.  With speeds topping 80 mph and mileage averaging 70 mpg, this is a friendly option for any motorist.

GTV 300:  Developed on the base of the powerful GTS, the Vespa GTV’s styling pays homage to the distinctive vintage look of classic Vespas from the 50’s and 60’s, namely the headlamp which has been positioned on the front mudguard, as it was on the very first Vespa prototype.  This is Vespa’s take on a classic touring motorcycle.  Speed and mileage equal that of the GTS.

LXV 150:  Cleverly re-interpreting some of the traditional design and technical elements of vintage Vespas of the 1960s, the LXV is the result of Italian working style and industrial culture. The LXV is built around the LX engine, a 150cc four-stroke engine that allows you to travel the highways with as much confidence as the city streets.  This retains more of the classic Vespa look and performance, with speeds topping out around 59 mph, and mileage averaging 75 mpg.

Vespas are a becoming increasingly popular in Phoenix, Arizona as well as nationwide.  Phoenix Valley customers can view view a Vespa at many retail scooter and bike outlets around the Phoenix Valley area, especially Tempe where the large population of college students and young professionals increases demand.

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