Top Three Emerging Car Technologies

3. Alternative Fuels:  Today, several technologies compete to replace our current dependence on fossil fuels, which are environmentally unfriendly and will eventually run out.  The renewable fuels of biodiesel and ethanol come with the benefit of being products of reproducible crops, but that only makes them renewable, and does not necessarily make them green or efficient.  Some of the most exciting research in this area is coming from algae based fuels, which carry much promise of both efficiency and rapid renewal.

2. Collision Avoidance Systems:  We have heard much talk of the “death proof car” from Volvo in recent years.  They haven’t slowed down, in fact that have multiple upcoming production model and concept prototype avoidance technologies coming out in the next year.  Collision avoidance systems act as a cross between an automatic pilot and a second “drivers ed” wheel, meaning that one can regulate their own level of control over a vehicle, allowing the car’s safety features to step in and prevent a collision when one seems imminent.  Google has also tried to cash in on this idea.  Right now it serves as fodder for publicity and science fiction, but it looks like the technology may not be far off from being a reality.

1. Self Driving Cars:  The middle option on this list very nicely feeds into number one here.  Once we have developed cars that can prevent and recover drivers and pedestrians from human error, the question arises “Why not eliminate human error all together?”  Self driving cars are the natural progression.  We are already heading in this direction with satellite navigation and smart phone apps that instruct us in the exact path to take, the one with the least traffic, least cameras, and least speed traps.  Our smart phones have essentially become the worst backseat drivers ever.  We are driving our routes entirely at the behest of a computer, so why not just let the computer do the driving.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should keep an eye out for elements of these new technologies at any local Phoenix Valley area auto dealer.  The Phoenix Valley area, with its flat grid system, would be the ultimate testing ground for many of these emerging technologies, and thus would likely be a prominent feature at this and upcoming years Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show,  taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.


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