Top Five Most Reliable Cars For Phoenix Arizona Residents

Imagine Phoenix Arizona in July, the mercury pushing the 120 degree mark, and you, sweat dripping from your forehead, as you attempt an auto repair or wait for roadside assistance on a dangerous highway shoulder.  Any Phoenix Arizona resident who has been in this situation knows the importance of reliability as a factor to seriously take into account when considering a new or used vehicle.

For the convenience of our  Phoenix Arizona readers, we have compiled a list of the top five most consistently reliable automotive brands for both new and used vehicles.  They are as follows:

1.  Honda:  Honda vehicles have one of the highest reliability factors in the industry.  While a civic or an accord may seem an obvious choice for a reliable used vehicle, the Honda Odyssey deserves a shutout as the consistently most reliable minivan on the market in the past decade.

2.  Subaru:  This brand has a reputation of running strong until the very bitter end.  Many long time owners of a Subaru will tell you that it ran strong for the first few hundred thousand miles, until the odometer stopped working, and then kept going after that.

3.  Mitsubishi:  Due to a bad reputation for the Gallant’s braking system, among some other defects over the years, Mitsubishi has suffered a good deal of earned and deserved criticism and skepticism concerning real reliability.  Yet, the facts are what they are, and a Mitsubishi owner is far less likely to experience a problem with their vehicle than most other car owners.

4.  Lexus:  Lexus enjoys the reputation of being a stand alone reliability powerhouse in the area of the affordable luxury car.  This car’s luxury and long lasting quality are the reason that a fifteen year old model still demands a high blue book price.

5.  Toyota:  While the brand suffered an image blow due to a mass recall in the last year, the fact is that Toyota, overall, is still one of the safest bets for any consumer.  This is especially true if one is looking to buy an older model. is a great place to search for new and used vehicles, and of course a prospective new or used car owner can stop by any of the Phoenix Valley dealerships for the brands listed above.

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