Three Solid Reasons to Mount and iPad 2 in Your Car

Phoenix Valley residents, on average, are going to be spending a lot of time in their vehicle.  Sometimes a vehicle is only used for a commute to work and back, but in a city like Phoenix Arizona, more often than not, a vehicle becomes a base of operations for everyday life, a home away from home.  In today’s world of augmented reality and hyper-communication, most of us wouldn’t dream of not having a fully functioning computer with high speed internet in our homes.  Yet, in our vehicles, our base of operations, the place where many of us spend the key decision making parts of our day, we are cut off from a fully functioning multimedia/communications device.

In-car telematics are improving greatly, but are still behind the times tech wise.  Factory installed in-car entertainment options are limited and far overpriced.  But what about the iPad?  The iPad, or more specifically, the iPad2, can do all of the things that the two previously mentioned technologies can do and much more, are more easily protected from theft, and deliver more services for a fraction of the price.  For these reasons, we are going to look at three benefits of mounting an iPad2 in one’s vehicle:

Music and Talk Radio:  Radio is good.  Unlike television, understanding stories and concepts via aural perception requires an expansion and growth of the mind and the imagination.  Where people feared that film and television would destroy the radio, the internet has expanded it exponentially by putting the power of distribution directly into the hands of the creative content developers and producers.  Whether you subscribe to music services like Mog or Rhapsody, you want to listen to an obscure podcast or broadcast from your hometown radio station, or you downloaded an audio documentary or mp3 book and want to give it a listen, the iPad has you covered.  With subscription services like Mog and apps like Stitcher, radio becomes so highly personalized to your tastes that you essentially become the program director of your very own radio station.

Exploration, Navigation, and Tourism: Whether at home or further afield, the iPad makes it easy to find attractions, services, and points of interest within a few taps on the screen.  Options and apps include GPS navigation , Google Maps, and Google Latitude(where friends can find you and you can find friends, makes coordinating personal and business activities according to convenience pretty easy).  Or find reviews and area recommendations on Yelp, Urban Spoon, or our very own

Visual Entertainment Center:  Rather than paying thousands of dollars on a factory installed or after market in car entertainment system, just mount an iPad to your dash or seat back.  The technology on the iPad and iPad 2 is so advanced that one could not easily distinguish the graphics and game play from a modern video gaming console.  In some ways the interactive experience is made more advance by the fact that the iPad is designed to be held in the in the hands, offering actual physical movement integration at a level not currently seen on any other device or console.  At the high end the iPad comes with 64 gb of memory.  64 gb is a lot, in a addition to whatever apps and games are acquired, many hours of television and film can be stored.  With a 3G or WiFi connection, online gaming, as well as services like Netflix, Mog, and Hulu are available.

Phoenix Arizona residents can view the new iPad 2 at any of the several Phoenix Valley Apple stores, in addition to any Phoenix Arizona Best Buy, or other large electronics store.

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