The Future is Here: Jaguar F-Type 75 Special Edition

The Jaguar F-Type 75 special edition has been making headlines as it marks the end of an era for the iconic sports car. This limited-edition model will be the last V8-powered Jaguar, indicating a new direction for the future of the iconic British car brand. 

The F-Type 75 is a goodbye edition of Jaguar’s two-seat sports car available in both 75 and R 75 special editions (the R addition featuring more power output and dynamic performance), with a new body color and a satin black finish combined with black leather interior and red brake calipers. Overall, the car personifies the look of a modern petrol-engine sports car, specifically one that can trace its lineage to the 1961 Jaguar E-Types. 

Jaguar F-Type 75

Looking ahead, Jaguar needed to clarify the vision it would instill for future cars. The company removed any doubts by announcing the first Jaguar of its new era: a four-door GT built in the U.K., an EV with a range of 430 miles with a starting price of approximately $125,000.   

Jaguar has shown a single teaser image of the first of the three new promised models. The image shows the four-door GT as a wide, low car with broad flanks and sharp creases. Aspiring for electric luxury, the profitable six-figure starting price with plenty of room to add exercise and personalization gives Jaguar flexibility. A large four-door GT also offers a long-range battery pack and plenty of luggage space with a lower center of gravity that adds dynamic driving abilities—much more difficult to achieve in a heavy, high-sided SUV.

Jaguar F-Type 75 interior

Currently, only two other luxury car brands have revealed high-end electric cars: Porsche’s Taycan and the Audi e-tron GT. 

Few high-end car manufacturers are undergoing such dramatic changes in design, essentially starting from scratch with a whole new range of cars. Jaguar has hinted before of new models being released to the public, including a fully electric XJ sedan and a hybrid F-Type. While some fans may be disappointed to see the classic F-Type go, the British marque’s exciting new future promises to be just as thrilling. 

From L to R: The new Jaguar F-Type 75, 1961 Jaguar E-Type and 1950 Jaguar XK120

Photos courtesy Jaguar

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