Stick Shift: 2015 Infiniti Q60S

Image provided by Infiniti.
Image provided by Infiniti.
Image provided by Infiniti.

By: Brandon Randall

Slipping into the new Infiniti Q60S I immediately feel the same fire of anticipation that the former G37S always gave. This is a car that shares its platform and powertrain with the 370Z, lengthened slightly to make room for rear seats. With a spirited 3.6L V6 producing 330hp, It’s obvious that the Q60S was built with a mission in mind, and that mission is to exhilarate anyone behind the wheel. Without apology it’s sporty first, sumptuous second. It makes all the right sounds, maneuvers and accelerates in all the right ways. In short, it’s a fantastically capable sports car made all the more desirable by the healthy dose of Infiniti refinement and polish.

Even while dipping its toe in both pools of luxury and performance, there’s no hint of an identity crisis with the Q60S. It’s dialed in, edgy, balanced and does everything it’s engineered to do right. The exterior design is sporty and elegant. The lines are sleek and its shape is aerodynamic. You can’t help but admire the Infiniti’s powerful shoulders and flared quarter panels. A muscled, track ready machine crouched low over 19″ aluminum black wheels and wearing a matching black grill like a challenging sneer.

Once inside we find a tight but cozy driving space. Fitted to the two front occupants like a glove. Seats are deeply bolstered and set low. Attractive aluminum interior trim with matching pedals and red contrast stitching against black leather lend a menacing look to the overall interior package. In general, the cabin is uncomplicated and neatly arranged with few controls and a modest use of technology. Important modern day features are still present, like backup camera, a clean sounding Bose stereo, Bluetooth and voice recognition software. As mentioned before, the Q60S is technically a four seater. While the two back buckets are there… they’re only just barely. You’re better off leaving that space for smaller children.

Never mind how it all looks, how does it drive! Punch the engine start button and you’re immediately clued in to the kind of fun you’re about to have. The engine fires with a low bark and settles into a menacing growl. It’s a tempered exhaust tone, but unmistakably aggressive. Handling is surgically precise and the brakes are responsive with plenty of bite. The 6-speed manual gearbox with its aggressive gearing and short-throw shifts is an absolute pleasure to drive. Especially in the ‘S’ trim that I was lucky enough to get, with its sport tuned suspension, steering and brake package. understandably the ride is firm, but offers an amazing level of driver feedback and balance. A viscous LSD and stabilizer bars further help to keep the rear-wheel drive Infiniti in line. This car is potent, without ever entirely losing its poise.


To some, the Q60S might not be mild mannered enough. Especially for a car wearing the Infiniti luxury brand badge. It may not be soft enough, quite enough, high tech or lavish enough. That’s ok. If that’s what you’re after there’s a whole line-up of more appropriate options available to you. The Q60S concerns itself with other, more exciting character strengths, and in those strengths it stands apart.

The Q60S is a well dressed sports car first and a luxury coupe second. It’s a perfect example of how much fun a car can be when a terrific engine is paired to a wonderful transmission. If you’re looking for a car that invites you to drive just a little harder and push just a little further. Something that turns our morning commute into the best reason to get out of bed. Then the Infiniti Q60S will give you that and more.

Price as tested: $49,575.00

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