Stick Shift: 2019 Toyota Camry XSE

Photo by: Brandon Randall

Last year, I was shocked to get behind the wheel of the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE. It was hardly recognizable after such a thorough transformation. With so many aggressive upgrades, 2019 is understandably a much quieter year for this beloved sedan. Here than are the most notable changes to the Toyota Camry for 2019.

  • Apple CarPlay

This increasingly important feature now comes standard on every Camry model. Apple CarPlay allows drivers with compatible iPhones the ability to access many of their phones features through the vehicles touch display. This will help keep your eyes on the road and your phone in your pocket. The best part is that you’ll immediately feel like a pro using Apple CarPlay, as the interface in the car almost exactly resembles that of an iPhone.

  • Still so many trim, engine, hybrid and interior options

Ok, so this isn’t anything new, but it bears repeating. The 2019 Camry comes in every flavor and variety, with an astonishing 10 different trims. Three are hybrid versions, two have V6 engines, and there’s plenty of 4-cylinder options to help you achieve upwards of 41 mpg on the highway. With interior trims ranging from cloth and plastic, to layered wood and padded red leather, the new Camry feels like it has its own customizable bespoke program. 

Photo by: Brandon Randall

While the masses continue to adjust to the idea of a sporty, 300 plus horsepower Camry with paddle shifters and a nice sounding exhaust, Toyota has kept additional changes minimal. The XSE continues to boast the sportiest trim inside and out, with a powerful V6, 8-speed automatic and capable chassis. The looming release of the a TRD version in 2020 is further evidence of the performance focused direction the Camry has taken. Toyota seems to expect its tried and true sedan to serve every purpose and wear every hat, and with so many trims and options on the table, there really is a Camry for almost everyone. 

By: Brandon Randall

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