SpaceX Founder Designs All Electric Tesla Model S

Phoenix Arizona auto and tech enthusiasts should know about Elon Musk.  In 1999 Elon changed the world of e-commerce when he founded what would eventually become paypal.  Three years later in 2002, Elon founded SpaceX, a company whose goal is to engineer the future of recreational  and passenger space travel.  Next year he will begin sales of the 2012 Tesla Model S, an all electric luxury sedan.

Every green car receives some common and consistent complaints.  The Prius is not high performance.  The Insight is too small.  The charge on an all electric doesn’t have enough range.  Well Elon Musk and his team at Tesla have attempted to deliver a luxury vehicle that addresses all of these issues.

Range:   The base model will have a range of 160 miles when fully charged using a 42 kW·h battery pack.  Larger, longer range battery pack options will be available as well; the options announced include a range of 230 miles from a 65 kW·h pack and a range of 300 miles from an 85 kW·h pack (important for the long desert drives between Phoenix Arizona and its closest neighbors). The Tesla Model S is also expected to have a swappable battery and will feature a 17 in touchscreen display with in-car 3G, enabling the driver to check the battery’s state of charge remotely.  A 45-minute QuickCharge pack will be possible in the future.

Design Aesthetics and Ergonomics:  The Model S power-train features a liquid-cooled, floor-mounted battery pack and single-speed gearbox. The body design is of stamped aluminum and provides top-notch aerodynamics, style, and safety. The 17-inch touchscreen with in-car 3G connectivity means quick access to streaming radio, GPS navigation, restaurant recommendations, and movie showtimes.

Performance:  Model S performance is second to none in the zero emissions category. The Model S power-train offers instant torque at the driver’s request. Though designed for comfort, safety, and utility, the coveted Model S does not sacrifice performance. Command control and the Model S delivers the power, acceleration and precise handling of a sports car with quiet simplicity.

“We are past the idea of an environmentally friendly vehicle needing to look different.  People don’t want to sacrifice anything, including style, to own an efficient car.”  said Franz Von Holzhausen, chief designer at Tesla Motors.

Phoenix Arizona customers can arrange an appointment for viewings and test drives by contacting Phoenix Valley Tesla representative David Waxman via the Tesla Motors website.

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