Red Bull F1 Race Team Seeks Help from Nissan Leaf Technology

The Red Bull Formula 1 racing team has made a name for itself in recent years, and in many ways has come to dominate the sport, similar to the Lakers in the 1980s, or the Bulls in the 1990s…only with auto racing.  This year has been no different for the Red Bull team as they have swept most competitions and trails to date.

But there are glitches, particularly in the area of kinetic energy recovery systems.  Red Bull did not become the number one team in Formula 1 by ignoring these glitches, but rather by addressing them head on.  Red Bull seeks to address this problem with the help of Nissan, having been drawn to the auto manufacturer by the engineering prowess displayed in it’s Leaf 100% electric vehicle.

“As a team that’s previously been independent of a car manufacturer, it’s an exciting opportunity to have access to their research,” team boss Christian Horner said. “Our budget into battery technology is minuscule compared with Nissan’s, and they are working on developments a long way in advance of what’s commercially available today. Hopefully they can help us, and then we can help them by effectively testing their prototypes in extreme conditions.”

Once Nissan helps Red Bull sort out it’s kinetic energy recovery system, the racing team has expressed interests in working on a high performing sport model for Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand.

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