Premier UK Track Racer Comes to the US

Caterham, a UK based manufacturer of specialist lightweight sports cars, has built its business around a solid 55-year-old racing design. This is what makes it so strange and exciting for the automotive world when they come out with something new. The SP/300.R is an all-new vehicle, built from scratch, yet upon the shoulders of racing giants, in Caterham’s Surrey, UK design studios. Built in collaboration with renowned racing chassis manufacturer Lola, the first production models are hitting US shores as we speak.

Dyson Racing has been selected as the US distribution partner for the Caterham SP/300.R. Dyson currently only posses one such example, which it will be using as a sort of sales demonstration tool to get the US track racing community in the mood to do business.

Team Vice President and Sporting Director, Chris Dyson, said: “Like many of our customers, we can’t wait to get our hands on the SP/300.R. As in the UK, the popularity of track day driving is rocketing and the new vehicle is ideal for anybody who wants a reliable and cost-effective vehicle with very serious but accessible performance.”

Caterham Cars’ International Business Development Manager, David Ridley, said: “Working with a very successful outfit like Dyson Racing has been a pleasure. They will be first to receive the SP/300.R and we are confident that their customers will love the car’s performance and low running costs. Dyson’s expertise in the US market is second-to-none and, even before a fully-built car has arrived on U.S. shores, demand has been strong.”

Dyson continued: “The SP/300.R is an amazing car. It mirrors the technology and the appearance of the Lola Le Mans prototypes that our team campaigns in the American Le Mans Series, but has been carefully-designed to be affordable.”

The Caterham’s SP/300.R is a rather high end vehicle in a highly niche market, thus dealerships, especially in non coastal cities like the Phoenix Valley area, are few and far between. Phoenix Valley and all other US based automotive enthusiasts who are interested in purchasing a Caterham should contact Dyson Racing – visit or contact Steve Potter on

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