Porsche Designs Luxury Robotic Whiskey Bar

Porsche is known for many things:  Strength, luxury, taste, class, high end robotic home whiskey bars…well, not exactly the last one, at least not quite yet.

Porsche has teemed up with the good people at Johnnie Walker to design a complete whiskey set.  Labeled the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection by Porsche Design Studio, it includes three items: Blue Label starts out with The Chiller, a case made of brushed titanium and blue leather to hold one square bottle of Walker’s finest blend.  Its top also turns into an ice bucket.  Then comes The Cube, whose top also turns into an ice bucket, but it is larger and contains an individually-numbered bottle of Blue Label, four crystal tumblers, and a set of stainless-steel tongs.

However the real crown of the collection is the Private Bar: A six-and-a-half-foot-tall tower of titanium, glass and leather.  Less a bar really than a royal whiskey throne, it opens and pivots 180 degrees automatically (via electronic sensors) to reveal three bottles of Blue Label, four illuminated crystal tumblers, chilled water and an ice bucket.

All three items were styled by Porsche Design at its studio in Austria, and thus reflect the inherent quality upon their price tag.  The Chiller sells for $375, while The Cube sells for $770, through a selection of high-end retailers in London(and online, though the trip would quadruple the conversation piece value of the set).

The Private Robot Bar runs for roughly $150,000 and is only available by special order.  While that may seem like a high price, if you have ever wanted to live like James Bond, or better yet, a Bond Villain, then this set, complete with Robotic Porsche Whiskey Bar, is really a first and essential step in that direction.

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