Phoenix Arizona is the Ideal Place to Find a Classic Chevy Muscle Car

Arizona, and specifically the Phoenix valley area, gets little rain, essentially no snow, and has zero humidity.  Aside from a generally pleasant climate for people, if you can stand the dry heat, this also makes for a great climate in which to keep a classic car.  Cars in Arizona age well as they do not have to deal with all of the elements mentioned above, the key causes of rust and deterioration in a vehicle.  A great genre of classic cars, and a great fit for Phoenix Valley culture in particular, is the muscle car.  For this post, lets focus on the Chevy muscle car.

Chevy muscle cars were at the very heart of the classic era of all-American big-cube high performance. That’s no surprise when you consider a key appeal of the muscle was maximum performance for minimal money. The formula played to Chevrolet’s strength as a maker of attractive and affordable automobiles.  Pictured below is a 1966 Chevy Nova Super Sport (SS).  While some consider the age of the muscle car to have started with the 1966 model lineup, the term was actually coined in 1964.  I prefer the earlier models,what some would call the proto-muscle cars.  Many of the classic models from 1966 through to the early 1970s featured a very sleek and wavy design.  Some may prefer this, and it is purely a matter of taste, but I prefer the boxier models from mid 60s.  While maybe differing from the muscle car image that exists in the popular imagination, a boxy 1964 Chevy is still a muscle car.  A 1964 Chevy Nova Super Sport, for example, is a cheap and easy find on or any auto-trader publication, a classy choice, and a fine starter vehicle for any beginning muscle car enthusiast.

Phoenix valley residents would do well to attend the variety of Phoenix Valley auto shows, visit some local shops, and get to know the local Valley automotive community.  Let people know what you are about and what you are interested in, and you will be the first to receive a call when that one of a kind classic custom, restored, or simply well kept muscle car comes up for sale.

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  1. Yes I agree Phoenix is great City to find a muscle car in. I love the first generation Camaros 67-69 and hopefully I will own one in the future!

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