Pagani Huayra Super Car Hits Speed Bumps on Road to US

There are some advantages to living in Europe: Strong currency, easy health care, the autobahn, lower reports of great white shark attacks, and so forth.  The main advantage for an auto enthusiast, and the main point of envy for Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts, would be the wealth of unique and cutting edge vehicles that never make it off of the European continent.  All too often the automotive headlines read something like “Most Amazing Car Ever Built, You Aren’t Even Going to Believe it, Never Coming to North America.”  But Italian Super Sport car manufacturer Pagani is working to reverse the tide with its intended North American Debut of the 2012 Pagani Huayra.

Often the barrier between uniquely European models and American cars is the National Highway Safety Administration, an agency which closely regulates the type, caliber and specifications of vehicles allowed on US roads.  Sometimes, especially with experimental cars, an interested American consumer can buy a “Kit” where the vehicle will come in a few pieces, leaving the American driver to put it together and then deal with the governing authorities on their own.  Too often though, this approach is not worth the effort required for either side.

Pagani’s problems were related to airbag specifications.  This led news outlets and blogs to post presumptuous articles and commentary stating that this was the end of the Pagani Huayra in America.  Apparently, they were wrong, as Pagani rightfully saw this problem as a mere speed bump on their way into the lucrative North American marketplace.  What this does do is push the North American debut of the Pagani Huayra to 2013, as opposed to the intended 2012 debut.

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