Our Two Top Picks for the 2022 Hyundai Kona

Photo by: Hyundai

Hyundai Kona EV Limited

The 2022 Kona EV has funky styling and a fun personality. The Limited package polishes things up by adding in leather and a heated steering wheel. Plus a much larger 10.25” touchscreen navigation display. With a 201 hp electric motor, you’ll make it just over 250 miles between charges. Stop at a 100 kW charging station, and you’ll go from 10% to 80% charge in about 47 minutes. Harmon Kardon speakers will fill the roomy cabin with all the right notes as you quitely glide down the highway in perfect EV fashion. A digital key you can control from your smartphone is a nice feature; and of course there’s full connectivity for all Android and Apple devices. Starting MSRP is $42,500, making the Kona EV, even in its fanciest trim, price competitive and compelling in our blossoming EV market.

Photo by: Hyundai

Hyundai Kona N-Line

Getting as far away from whisper quite and sensible EV’s, Hyundai offers a spitfire option, with the performance N-Line treatment. This feisty hot hatch churns out 276 hp and 289 lb ft of torque. Its dual large-bore exhaust system will spit and crackle its way up to redline. Or, can be adjusted in tone and volume to suite a more mild mood. An electronically controlled suspension has been N-tuned to continuously adjust its damping force to different speeds, road conditions and driving characteristics to optimize stability and control. Maximizing traction through the corners is an eLSD. This limited-slip differential will distribute more power to the outer wheels under hard cornering to increase traction and decrease understeer. Mounted to very attractive 19” dark alloy wheels, are super sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires for optimal grip. Finally, after acceleration and cornering are dialed in, Hyundai fitted big, 14.2-inch front rotors on the Kona N-Line, with high friction brake pads to ensure impressive stopping power. To secure this high performing Kona for yourself, starting MSRP is a perfectly reasonable $34,700.00 

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