Nissan Esflow Concept Car Offers Phoenix Arizona High Peformance at Zero Emmisions

Every March automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals gather in Switzerland for the Geneva Motor Show.  This year featured many new models soon to hit the showroom floor, as well as many concept cars designed and displayed to act as a banner for the future direction of a specific car manufacturer, as well as for the industry as a whole.  This year one concept car stood out among many, especially for attendees from the Phoenix Arizona area.  The super high-tech futuristic Nissan Esflow.

Looking like a combination of an updated Bat-mobile meets a classic James Bond-esque Aston Martin, the exterior design of the vehicle brings to mind some sci-fi world, the type of automobile we may see in our future metropolises if we are lucky.  The most appealing aspect of this concept car:  The technology and ability for mass production is not far off at all.  Nissan says the concept is based on existing technology, but “implemented in innovative ways.” The wild yet smooth and natural curves, for instance, aren’t steel, but carbon composite, and they’re wrapped over an aluminum chassis.  In addition, the power-train is a beefed up version of the setup found in the Leaf.

In addition to the amazing conceptual exterior design on the Esflow, this IS definitely a sports car, going from O to 60 mph in under 5 seconds, and traveling up to 150 miles on a single charge.  This provides enough juice for even a Phoenix Arizona resident’s long commute.

While you will not be able drive one of these pieces of engineering art off of the lot or out of the showroom anytime too soon, this does set a marker for where Nissan stands in the growing and competitive field of the high-tech and aesthetically appealing green car.  Phoenix Arizona residents can view and test drive any current Nissan vehicle at any of the Phoenix Valley area Nissan dealers.

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