Metalback Cafe Racer is the Motorcycle of the Future

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts must become acquainted with the Metalback Cafe Racer concept motorcycle.  With a V4 engine powered by biodiesel and boasting an outer skin made from recycled aluminum in order to save weight over steel, this is the future of the street bike in Phoenix Arizona.

“Currently, the Motorcycle market is devoid of product which has been designed for sustainability while still offering style and uniqueness for the enthusiast,” says Jordan.

“The concept is powered by a v4 engine running on bio diesel. This increases the range and MPG well above conventional gasoline bikes while running on a fuel which is more environmentally-friendly. Its frame and skin are crafted from recycled aluminum.”

“This has the advantage of saving weight to enhance performance while reclaiming pre-used material. In the manufacturing process, the alloy is treated to patina and age naturally without expensive and harmful paint applications.”

“The net effect is a raw natural surface which suits the classic cafe racer and recalls the romance and power of vintage WW2 fighter planes.”

While Meadows has fashioned his career to be that of an independent maverick, the bulk of his design work has been on behalf of, and in partnership with, the Mazda Motor Company.  There has been much speculation that, with a top designer putting forth such a bold yet practical plan for a production model bike, Mazda may have some good cause to consider creating a motorcycle wing of the company.  Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiast can keep an eye out for the Metalback Cafe Racer, or some other similar production bike, at any Phoenix Valley Mazda dealer.

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