Mercedes says Hydrogen is the Bomb

Sometimes ignoring the trends is a good thing.  Warren Buffet, known as much for his 1977 hit “Margaritaville” as for his vast personal fortune and professional success as the long time head of Mutual of Omaha, has stated many times that one of his top rules as an investor is to always act the part of the contrarian.  Don’t buy into something because it is hot, but rather invest in something that is still in its infancy, yet has a great deal of potential.

This is what Mercedes Benz is doing with its unveiling of the F125 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Appearing somewhat like a sleek and well designed mix of vintage art deco 1930s sedan combined with an updated DeLorean (complete with gullwing doors), the high concept concept vehicle is specifically intended as a model for a future hydrogen powered luxury car.

Hydrogen, the most abundant source of energy on earth, is difficult and costly to prepare for harnessed use.  Yet, given the current state of affairs concerning oil and some of the projected limitations of hybrid and electric technology, it seems like the most obvious area for the auto industry to begin investing serious research and development into.  Warren Buffet, and his parrot, I am sure would agree.

Mercedes believes that vehicles based upon the F125 concept will be capable of ranging 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) or more between fill-ups of hydrogen, which would be pumped through fuel cells to produce the energy that would turn electric drive motors at each wheel. This would be supplemented by a plug-in hybrid system, with lightweight lithium-sulfur batteries capable of giving the F125 50 km (31 miles) of purely electric range. Semi-autonomous telematics systems would help take over some of the driving duties from humans: changing lanes, passing other cars and crawling unassisted through heavy traffic.

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