Local Ride: Kristin Bentz’s Range Rover Autobiography

You’ve seen her on CNN, Bloomberg and Fox Business and now you might see Kristin Bentz rolling down Central Avenue in her in Range Rover Autobiography. Kristin knows a thing or two about luxury; she’s a consumer behaviorist and CEO of Talented Blonde– a kind of do-it-all luxury consulting firm that improves fancy hotel groups, forecasts consumer habits or just lets you know how the market is doing. Not one to give up high-rise living, Kristin traded Wall Street for a penthouse in Downtown Phoenix, which she nests with fiancé, Joe Brusuelas (Chief economist for RSM), which basically makes them finance royalty together. Now since moving to Arizona from Manhattan, Kristin has traded subways and cabs for a Range Rover Autobiography– we sat down with her to discuss her new ride.

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Kristin Bentz (left) and Joe Brusuelas.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Why does the Range Rover work for Kristin Bentz?                                                                                                                                      Twin 7 year olds attending private school I realized that my life will be spent in the car shuttling them—and their friends– to and from school and play dates. I loathe the MiniVan concept and wanted something big enough for all of us plus our gear,without driving an urban assault vehicle. Also, the technology in the vehicle is superior to anything else I saw in the market. It’s basically like driving a super-computer. The Land Rover Autobiography was the perfect mix of style and function—without the spectre of a “Mommy Car”.

What about the Range Rover do you love?
Aside from its exterior beauty and clean lines, again, the technology in the vehicle is truly what I love the most. Who doesn’t love a vehicle that can park itself?For those of us who are “spatially” challenged like me, Park Assist is a must have. The driver side back massage doesn’t hurt either. Also the Land Rover apps come in quite handy. For example, Parkopedia will help the driver find the next available on or off-street parking spot, without having to circle constantly or finding the dreaded “lot full” sign. As a busy working mom my time is precious and apps like these really maximize my time efficiently. Oh, yeah . . .and its FAST.


Is this your main car?
My fiance has a hard top BMW convertible that I just love, but, I mainly use the Autobiography since I’m usually zipping around with my twins.

What does your car represent you?
The Autobiography to me, is the ultimate in modern luxury: speed, technology, safety, and style.

What’s your dream car?
I’m dying for the new BMW i8 plug in Hybrid. It’s pretty sexy and I love the swan-wing doors.

When driving you’re typically listening to?
I’m a sucker for Richard Blade and First Wave on Sirius/XM or Old School Hip Hop on “Backspin”—cracks me up every time. Although my twins are starting to revolt and demand the Hits channel for all things Taylor Swift and One Direction. Sigh.

Favorite road-trip location? 
Well, the Autobiography makes going to the grocery store a pleasant experience, but I guess the drive to Vegas sure is fun behind the wheel!

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