Lexus IS F Offers High Performance Sport with Luxury

Right around the beginning of this year, Lexus started mass producing and selling the new 2011 Lexus LFA, a high concept super sport vehicle.  In many respects, this car is an immensely impressive piece of design and engineering, possibly trailing only the Bugatti Veyron as the worlds finest, most high performing super sport.  BUT, there are two major problems that exist with this car which Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should be aware of.

One is that this vehicle is so high performance, so geared towards maximum efficiency, that the designers said goodbye to all excess weight and luxury comforts, including back seats, a stereo, trim, power anything, and many other standards and amenities one may expect from a Lexus vehicle.  The other problem with this vehicle is the price, $375,000, which, while not the 2.6 million a Bugatti Veyron begs, is still pricing out of what most Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts are willing to pay for even the finest of vehicles.

This year Lexus brings the average auto enthusiast a high performing luxury vehicle with a reasonable price tag, the fully updated and redesigned 2011 Lexus IS F, coming in at just under 60k.

Designed by veteran Toyota engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi, his personally assembled team, as well as Toyota Technocraft, the IS F boasts aggressive aerodynamics, an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission with paddle shifters, Brembo disc brakes that feature huge 14.2-inch cross-drilled discs and six pistons per caliper up front, 19-inch wheels and a specially tuned suspension system. Yamaha’s Formula One engine program helped as well—developing the IS F’s DOHC 5.0-liter V8. They packed it with more than 416 horsepower —enough to blast the IS F to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds

The IS F is the fastest, most dominant performance sedan Lexus has created to date. The IS sedan’s design was inspired by the exclusive world of competitive racing, while the designers also kept the comfort and experience of both driver and passengers in mind throughout, showing up with the snug, cockpit like feel of the interior, bolstered seats, rich leather trim, and the crisp clarity of several high end audio options.  Lexus also joins the ranks of many other fine cars with their update to an interactive touch screen display, the Lexus Enform, with GPS and Navigation Assist to help you find restaurants, hotels or clubs with intuitive ease.

Phoenix Arizona customers should visit, where they can utilize the interactive “Build Your Own” Lexus IS F page, which allows customers to customize and tailor the Lexus IS F model to their personal needs and tastes.

Phoenix Arizona customers can view and test drive the Lexus IS F, or any of the current production Lexus models at their Phoenix Valley Lexus dealer.

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