Karsan in Lead for New NYC Taxi

After Michael Bloomberg and the City of New York released an RFP (Request for Proposals) for a new standard NYC taxi cab in late 2009, the City received a diverse group of responses and presentations from automobile manufacturers, designers, and other interested parties, offering what they believe would be the vehicle of the future.  The TLC (Taxi & Limousine Commission) intends to select the best proposal and award an exclusive contract to sell and service taxicabs in New York for the next decade.

This selection process and outcome is important to New York, as well as the rest of the country (including Phoenix Arizona).  New York is iconic of America, and the yellow taxi cab is iconic of New York, right alongside hot dog stands, subway cars, George Gershwin, and high finance.  This is not just a chance for an individual company to receive a great contract, but this is a also a chance for New York to select a new face, an update of an iconic image to carry them through the next decade.

Three companies are currently in the race to win the contract: Ford with it’s Transit-Connect, Nissan with it’s NYCT, and Karsan with it’s specially designed V1.  An informal poll conducted by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, the same body that will be deciding which of the three gets the coveted contract, found that New Yorkers preferred the Karsan design over the other two.

The V1 from Karsan has been specifically designed and engineered for urban use, and its unique panoramic glass roof has been created specifically with NYC’s vertical landscape in mind. With the Karsan V1, passengers will have the opportunity to gaze upon the city’s skyscrapers as they drive around the streets of Manhattan.

The spacious passenger cabin features comfortable seating for wheelchair bound passengers or a family of four, and offers ample space for strollers, luggage, shopping bags and even service animals.  The Karsan design would also allow New York City to be the first in the world with a fleet that is 100% compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Karsan USA V1 taxi has been designed to accommodate future clean powertrains, including compressed natural gas (CNG), Hybrid gas/electric, or all-electric drive-train.  The V1 is truly a socially responsible and innovative urban transit vehicle.

One other element which places Karsan ahead of the pack: All of the fleet vehicles will be manufactured in Brooklyn.  Not only US based manufacturing, but bringing industry back to Brooklyn, serves as a final sweetening to this proposal.

This Matters to Phoenix Arizona residents because:

A: Many Phoenix Arizona residents are from New York.

B: This could serve as a model for a similar program in Phoenix Arizona, including the localized manufacturing operation, which would bring many jobs to the Phoenix Valley area.

C: The v1 Taxi is an amazing vehicle in and of itself, which, if proven successful in NYC, would likely sell commercial in Phoenix Arizona, and would be a great choice for any Phoenix Arizona motorist who needs passenger space, but also appreciates the benefits of advanced design and engineering.

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