Jetpack Aviation’s New Speeder Could Be the World’s First Flying Motorcycle

Jetpack Aviation’s Speeder

The sky’s the limit for this motorcycle. Jetpack Aviation has designed what could be the world’s first flying motorcycle, a small jet aircraft that can be piloted just like a racing bike. 

Called the Speeder, the “autonomous flying vehicle” is being tested at Jetpack Aviation’s California facilities, and when certified by the FAA, will be the first legal motorcycle to cruise the skies. 

The Speeder has a full-scale, sleek bike design and features a seating position similar to that of a motorcycle. Its eight small, powerful jet engines allow the aircraft to carry up to 600 pounds and fly at a maximum 60 mph speed for about 30 minutes. 

The pilot is able to take off and land as well as control speed and climbing with simple switches on either handlebar of the bike. Once it takes off, the Speeder climbs to about six feet where it hovers and responds to the pilot’s instructions from the control unit. Multiple sensors throughout the aircraft are able to detect and automatically avoid any obstacles, including buildings and trees. 

Jetpack Aviation is also developing an unmanned version of the Speeder that will act as a cargo aircraft for the military. As one of the smallest jet aircrafts, it can fly 100 feet above the ground at 400 mph, which makes it almost impossible to shoot down. 

While certification for the Speeder is still years away, the company has already demonstrated the bike’s flying capabilities with a Speeder prototype. The experimental aircraft has achieved autonomous takeoffs and landings and has hovered and transitioned into forward flight. 

As Jetpack Aviation continues to test and develop the Speeder, there’s a chance that the aircraft could offer riders even more of a thrilling flight in the future. Technological advancements, like a protective fuselage, could allow the flying motorcycle to reach safe speeds of up to 250 mph. 

The public was able to see a slick, black model of the Speeder in person at the Pacific Air Show last summer and there’s already a high demand for the new ride. Pre-orders for Jetpack Aviation’s flying motorcycle have already begun, with prices starting at $381,000.

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