Jeep Reviving the Gladiator Pickup in a new Form

Lets face it, most SUVs are not incredibly masculine.  This does not make them bad vehicles, but they are generally designed to be marketed to people who need the space and comfort of a minivan, but also want to ability to off-road.  The new 2012 Jeep Gladiator does not fall into this camp.  While the Jeep Gladiator is the definition of a masculine vehicle,  it is also the definition of a true SUV, in that it is built for both sport and true utility, perfect for offroading, but offering plenty of towing capacity and bed space.

The original Jeep Gladiator was a full sized pickup introduced in 1962, and then ceasing production in 1970.  While the original model was based off of the Jeep Wagoner SUV, having a wider body and longer hood, the new revived Gladiator will be based upon the basic layout and design of the Wrangler.

The Gladiator is a lifestyle pickup with rugged functionality. It is a super utility truck that features an open-air canvas roof, removable doors and fold-down windshield so driver and passengers can get in touch with the outdoors(this is ideal of the Phoenix Arizona weather, or for offroading in the Four Peaks or other nearby Phoenix Valley Mountain ranges), and an expandable pickup-truck bed and clever storage compartments to offer truly useful cargo capacity.

Inside, Gladiator is thoroughly contemporary with a utility theme. The color palate includes Armour Green with Dark Slate Gray accents. The seats are weatherproof and the interior is designed for hose-out ease of care. Not surprisingly, Gladiator features all the necessary technology for finding the way there and back including GPS, a navigation system and a communications system.

“Jeep Gladiator is an authentic statement of Jeep brand heritage that explores what shape and features a modern Jeep pickup might have,” said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President — Chrysler Group LLC Design. “This vehicle blends classic cues with contemporary functionality and innovation,” said Creed. “The timeless silhouette — even the bedside-mounted spare of classic Jeep pickups — is merged with a modern chassis, a turbo diesel powertrain and a flexible, expandable truck bed.”

Phoenix Arizona customers can expect the new 2012 Jeep Gladiator to hit showroom floors early next year at any of the Phoenix Valley area Jeep dealers.

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  1. The old generation Gladiator and present generation doesn’t have much difference in the design. Its just that the cargo space for present is more and has powerful engines.

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