Image of James Dean Resurrected as Dodge Motor Company

Dodge used to be like most other major American auto manufacturers, they built a variety of vehicles for a variety of uses, ranging on the scale of practicality from pure utilitarian to elemental heaps of flexing and flash.  In the past few years, for numerous reasons not known to all, Dodge has re-conceptualized itself as the brand of American muscle, creating cars that, instead of seeking to peer into the near future, hearken back to the romantic fast driving image of James Dean and American Graffiti.

While we here at Vroom tend to endorse new technologies and innovations in the auto industry, we also recognize that their can be something quite innovative about hurling into the future with one’s back to the engine, traveling forward while keeping an eye on the gleaming chrome edges of history.

Taking a look at Dodge’s 2011 lineup, this is exactly what they are doing.  From the Charger to the Challenger, each current production model from the American auto Manufacturer bares a strong mark of the classic American muscle car…only better.  If you can imagine a world where the “class” and style of the old were married to the high performance technology of the present, well, you have painted a picture of the new Dodge.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can view and test drive any current production model Dodge at any Phoenix Valley Dodge dealer.  Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should plan on attending the Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show to learn about the most recent concepts and innovations in the auto industry, including the next muscular concepts and unveilings from Dodge, taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.

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