How Phoenix Arizona Residents Can Address The Most Common Car Problems

Most Phoenix Arizona residents have found themselves broken down on the side of a sweltering hot freeway in the midst of a scorching Valley summer more than once.  The best thing to have in this situation is a gallon of water, a cell phone, and a AAA card.  But the fact is that Phoenix Arizona residents need not ever be stranded on the side of a busy, hot, and dangerous freeway.  All we need to do is address potential problems before they surface as a blown gasket or bent piston, leaving you with an out of service auto and a huge mechanics bill.  Here are four of the most common problems, along with the likely causes, and some realistic solutions.
Engine knock:
One of the more common complaints of any driver is the engine making an obnoxious knocking sound. In the vast majority of cases, an engine knock is the result of too great a clearance between the various components located in the valve train. Unfortunately, a chronic engine knock, while receiving a simple diagnoses, can get tricky when in the midst of repair, and is best addressed by a qualified mechanic.

Squeaky Brakes:

The squeal of the brakes is usually caused by vibration of the pads and the rotors, the pads and the calipers, or the calipers and the mounts–or between the shoes and the drums or the shoes and backing plates.  This problem may need a mechanic, but changing and repairing basic brake problems, given some mechanical aptitude and the proper tools, is not rocket science.  Valley residents can try any of their local Phoenix Arizona auto parts dealers and shops for the proper parts and tools to get any job done.

Vehicle Pulls To One Side:

This means that your car is out of alignment and needs to be taken in for a realignment.

Engine Wont Crank:

If the engine tries to start, but simply cannot successfully crank, the problem is likely related to a bad starter. If you turn the key and nothing starts, not even the lights, that is a sign of a bad battery. If you can start the car, but it quickly stalls, you may simply be out of gasoline, though more likely the cause is a faulty fuel pump.

Phoenix Arizona residents should take their vehicle into a professional Valley mechanic whenever they encounter a problem outside of their realm of knowledge.

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