Honda CR-Z Makes a Case for Customized Style

Honda…is there any word more thrilling to the human soul?  Yes…yes there probably is.  Honda has never exactly been an industry standard bearer for style and excitement.  A Honda is practical, it gets good mileage, and it lasts forever.  But stylish?  Not traditionally no.  But in recent years the Honda CR-Z has been changing that image and reputation.

First introduced as a concept vehicle in 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show, and going into worldwide production in 2010, the Honda CR-Z combines the positive elements traditionally associated with Honda (reliability, good mileage, and affordability) and the performance and stylistic benefits of a compact euro-style sport car.

The alternative and sophisticated automotive style magazine Intersection has decided to capitalize on the cool image of the Honda CR-Z by outfitting and customizing one for a special fall shoot.  Shown in a surprisingly stylish beige body against orange wheels (pictured above), it is immediately reminiscent of Halloween and harvest colors, while still being versatile enough to appear appropriate year round.

This daring yet successful aftermarket customization of a daring yet successful model from a traditionally practical brand shows us just how much we have to work with when we recognize a good thing, or the potential of a good thing, where others may see nothing at all.  While the Honda CR-Z is cool looking enough to get away with a fair amount of exterior experimentation, even more conservative vehicles could risk a daring color combination or other ornamental customization(except for bumper stickers and window decals, you have to get your hands dirty to call it custom work).  Orange wheels on a beige body?  Sure.  Pink pinstripes on sea foam green?  Go for it.  Yosemite Sam mud flaps on your grandpa’s old Buick…eh, give it a shot.

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