Ford Stands Out as the Number One American Car Company

There was a time, particularly in the 1980s and 90s, when people who bought an American model car often did so out of a sense of patriotic duty, a feeling that one should invest in the American economy.  Those motivations, as noble and respectable as they are, did not say much for many of the products being produced on the American market during that period.  But all of that has changed, particularly in the past few years.  Today you don’t have to sacrifice performance and reliability in order to invest in an American car.  Car enthusiasts all over the world are buying American for the sake of a remarkable product, an automobile that exemplifies strength and quality.

Ford, under the fresh leadership of CEO Alan Mulally, has stood out at the head of the pack as the finest producer of American cars today.  Before the hiring of Mulally, formerly of Boeing Aircraft, Ford was in the red, losing money, and struggling to keep it’s head above the water.  But in recent years Ford has returned to profitability, and can proudly boasts as no other company can of being the only major American car manufacturer to avoid government-sponsored bankruptcy during the recent recession.  Besides merely great leadership and business smarts, or perhaps as a result of them, Ford has been turning out a product of such quality so as not to be matched by any other American car company in recent memory.

One of the most exciting pieces of news to come out in the auto industry this year is the North American introduction of the international MK3 Ford Focus.  From the Focus model’s introduction in 1999 until the 2010 model, North America has been using a separate Focus model than the rest of the world, but the old model will be discontinued with the introduction of the MK3.  In this reviewer’s opinion, the 2011 Ford Focus MK3 is a model far superior to any other of the line released in the US to date.  The car comes as a standard gas, hybrid, or full electric.  Ford can tailor each order to the individual customer’s wants and needs.

With all of the options under the hood, the exterior design sits bold and sleek upon a compact frame, equally aesthetically appropriate for family transport, weekend adventures, or nights out on the town.

Stop by any Phoenix Valley Ford dealer to view and test drive the new international Ford Focus MK3.  Get to know the new Ford, you will be glad you did.

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