Fiat Takes On America With it’s Abarth Racer

This year Fiat is reintroducing it’s vehicles to North America, most notably it’s current and popular Fiat 500 model.  Fiat recently announced an Abarth enhanced racing 500 model, specifically developed and released for the purpose of participating in the World Rally Championship in 2014.

Why is Fiat working to display it’s tiny Fiat 500 model as an aggressive off roading Mad Max-esque racer?  Well one reason might be that Fiat is attempting to reenter the North American market with a bang.  Fiat understands that the tide is turning in the US towards practicality.  BUT, this does not drain the deeply ingrained American appreciation for performance and craftsmanship overnight.  Nor should it, high standards on all levels of product development, largely a result of a very lucrative and competitive domestic auto market, is one of the things that makes the US great and unique in the world.  Good marketing experts understand culture.  The experts at Fiat understand this.

Also, America, not only places like Phoenix Arizona and the rest of the West, but the entire nation, is defined by it’s wilderness.  The frontier survivalist spirit survives in New York City just as it does in Montana, if maybe a bit more covertly in refined urban enclaves.  Fiat is trying to speak to this reality in it’s new mass market.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts can view and test drive the new 2011 Fiat 500 at Fiat of North Phoenix, as well as four other dealerships appointed by Chrysler to be the Phoenix Valley Fiat vehicle outlets.  While souped up Abarth models may not be made immediately available to Phoenix Valley customers, auto enthusiasts can order racing kits directly from Abarth.  Of course, this is only recommended for those Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts who are mechanically inclined, or are willing to become so in the process of installing the Abarth kit.


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