DeLorean Announces Journey to Ownership of Its First All-Electric Vehicle Alpha5

The new energy mobility brand DeLorean has developed a revolutionary path to ownership of its first all-electric vehicle, the Alpha5. The three step-process allows DeLorean members to reserve the highly-anticipated coupe, which is expected to hit the road in 2024. 

Unveiledat the 71st Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August, the Alpha 5 was inspired by the iconic rebellious design of its famous predecessors, the DMC-12, DMC-24, and the equally impressive generational line Alpha2, Alpha3 and Alpha4. 

The 2+2 vehicle is an extension of one of the world’s most iconic brands that is redefining what luxury means by creating an environment that engages the driver and the passion for the drive through its vehicles and technology. 

On September 30, DeLorean opened 9,351 Alpha5 production slots that members can secure through a unique journey to ownership

In order to reserve an Alpha5 production slot, one must first join DeLorean’s Alphas Club by purchasing a $88 lifetime membership. An Alphas Club membership offers exclusive access to the DeLorean Exchange platform, where members may secure their production slot and receive early access to future products, collectibles, exclusive content, DeLorean experiential and partner events, and more.

After joining the Alphas Club, members may secure their place in line by purchasing their production slot for $2,500 on the DeLorean Exchange. Once a production slot is purchased, an owner may transfer, trade or sell their slot to other Alphas Club members through DeLorean Flex, a program that allows customers complete control and customization of their ownership journey.

“We are excited to help our Alphas Club members officially begin their journey to ownership,” says DeLorean Chief marketing officer Troy Beetz. “We will guide customers throughout the entire process to ownership, offering flexibility and support as they secure their ideal reservation and design their Alpha5.”

Click here for additional details on the Alpha5 and to start your journey to ownership.

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