BMW X1 Luxury SUV is Coming to the US

The BMW X1 has shown itself to be one of the most popular and reliable sport utility vehicles worldwide, with sale numbers far surpassing anyone’s expectations or predictions. With this proven track record, the good people at BMW are now setting out to conquer the US (SUV market).

The X1 exists somewhere in the ether between subcompact SUV and Crossover SUV. Defying any categories, the X1 is a marvelous example of what can happen when a world class design team seeks to blend utility with luxury and class. Not to mention performance power, as the BMW X1 will make its US market debut equipped with a new in house state-of-the-art powertrain technology.

The debut of the BMW X1 to the US market coincides with a massive updating that includes exterior and interior refinements as well as an array of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies. All models feature Brake Energy Regeneration while the X1 sDrive28i and xDrive28i models also benefit from Auto Start/Stop and ECO PRO mode to further reduce fuel consumption.

While the BMW X1 finds itself in a highly competitive niche of the worldwide automotive market, that of the luxury SUV (a niche that it helped invent), the X1 is holding its own, with sales having already exceeded 275,000. One additional component the company is arming itself with in its debut in the US market is the location of production.

Many of the BMW X1s the world over are or will soon be manufactured at a newly opened plant at Tiexi in Shenyang Province, China. US customers, however, will be purchasing vehicles built in BMW’s Leipzig, Germany plant. A vehicle that is truly German made, through and through, may not mean all that much to other segments of the world automotive market, but it definitely means something in North America.

The new 2013 BMW X1 will arrive at authorized Phoenix Valley BMW show rooms in the fall of this year with a starting price of $31,545. Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts should keep their eyes tuned to Vroom for further updates on the X1 and all other luxury automobiles.

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