BMW Concept Scooter C Going Into Production in the US

When you join Phoenix Arizona rising gas prices and a growing popular concern for lower vehicle emissions, Phoenix Valley residents begin to seek out alternative modes of transportation.  While the Valley Metro Light Rail is an ideal option, it only practical for those Phoenix Valley residents who live and work along the currently limited route.  Another option Phoenix Arizona drivers may consider is a hybrid vehicle, but these models are still being perfected, and the higher mpg selections feature relatively high price tags.  This leads us to examine the two wheel options.  One upcoming production model is the BMW Concept Scooter C (it will be renamed when production begins).

The BMW Concept Scooter C seeks to fill that empty space between the small Vespa style scooter, and a large touring motorcycle.  The radical concept that was designed to show the future for BMW Motorcycles was first unveiled at last year’s Cologne Show.  Built by the BMW Motorrad division, the Concept C Scooter extends BMW’s reach into future mobility.

The BMW Concept C Scooter utilizes a high power two cylinder engine combined with a continuously variable transmission.  Key highlights include the black chromium suspension, the short sports style muffler, and front-wheel control taking on the appearance of an upside down fork.

The BMW Concept C Scooter is also fitted with a dual twin brake disc at the front, two radial calipers, and a single brake disc at the rear, ABS, and LED headlamp plus three LCD displays in the cockpit.

Many believe that this new scooter/motorcycle crossover concept could become the majority norm in the two wheel industry, as world motorists seek more efficient modes of daily transport.

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts can view and tests drive the new BMW Concept Scooter C when it hits showroom floors sometime next year at any of the local Phoenix Valley area BMW dealers.

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