Aston Martin Cygnet Fuses English Luxury and Urban Utility

The luxury micro-car is becoming more and more common, both in the Phoenix Valley area and worldwide, with the likes of Aston Martin, BMW, and even Rolls Royce joining in on the car culture shift.  I say shift, in hand with of trend, because the move towards small and pure utility is not going away.  When we couple the global migration trend, now seemingly as undeniable as gravity itself, towards bigger and more densely populated urban jungles, with the global concern over eco-efficiency, this is the result.  The eco-efficiency concern is not purely altruistic of course, because we all no that the lower the impact an individual can make, the lower the costs involved.

This goes hand in hand with the trend of population tending towards the center of the urban mass.  Students of physics will recognize this rule as being true for the influence of mass on gravity, but sociological and demographic research over several decades, and even centuries, is showing that the same rule seems to apply to human populations.  What does this reality leave us with?  The bulk of the world’s population in need of eco-efficient vehicles, small cars designed for the daily grind of a glass and concrete jungle.  This human reality, of course, does not negate another human reality, our appreciation of comfort, craft, and yes, luxury.  This is where the new 2011 Aston Martin Cygnet enters the picture.

The cygnet is a luxury micro-city car.   Designed to slip easily and unobtrusively between dense city streets, the Cygnet is innovative, luxurious, and forward thinking.  The Cygnet uses the 1.3 cylinder unit producing 98 hp, which is one of the three engines from the Toyota IQ range.  Aston Martin mated this engine to a six-speed manual transmission, while it can also be used with an optional CVT transmission.  The Cygnet emits a very low level of emissions, while returning 58.9 mpg (important for Phoenix Arizona commuters).

The Cygnet comes in three configurations: a 2+2 seating one, a 2+1 seating one that increase the luggage space, and a 2 seating one that offers generous luggage area.  Cygnet offers the following as standard: A satellite navigation system, an advanced telematics system with smart phone and mp3 integration, and a premium audio system.  The interior is made up of hand-stitched leather, alcantara, and aluminum.  Aston Martin included this car in its new personal configuration web program, offering unlimited options for the exterior and interior trim, color and finish.

Phoenix Arizona auto enthusiasts can keep an eye out for the Aston Martin Cygnet at Aston Martin Scottsdale.  The Cygnet will initially be available only in the UK, with the rest of the European Union quickly to follow.  As the Cygnet is based off of a platform similar to the Fiat 500 and the Toyota IQ, there should not be too much of a problem making the vehicle available in North America, and on Phoenix Arizona showroom floors, in the very near future.  In North American cities like Phoenix Arizona, there is certainly no lack of interest and demand.

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