All Female Designed Ford Muscle Car Gets Approval

‘High Gear’ Chosen as Concept for First-Ever SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women
DEARBORN, Mich., June 6, 2012

Ford Motor Company, in collaboration with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) – invited the public to view three cutting edge racing and muscle car concepts online, with the task of voting for the one which they would most like to see built by a group of women volunteers. The public has had time to peruse, the votes have been cast, and the narrative of American automotive history has been changed forever.

Known as “High Gear,” the winning concept was designed by Jennifer Seely, a Ford designer.

High Gear, like most great products, is about quality and style. Taking her ques from the international world of fine jewelry, couture clothing, and envelope pushing modern architecture, Seely designed the car intending for it to appeal to all of the senses. Its does this not only by its pure strength as is obviously on display in the photo above, but also via its fine and luxurious tones and flourishes, appealing to all aspects of the human mind and character, a fine balance that is often lacking in modern performance based automotive design.

Highlights of High Gear include rose-gold chrome accents running throughout the exterior and interior, plush quilted suede seats, and a leather wrapped interior. Modifications are in the works pertaining to the engine, undercarriage, drive-train, and sound system, but the entirety of Seely’s unique vision remains wholly intact.

“We appreciate our readers and fans helping us determine which concept will be used for this very exciting project,” said Doug Evans, executive vice president of Source Interlink Media (SIM). SIM, a partner in the project, hosted the voting on several of its websites and will also host the physical build at its El Segundo, Calif., headquarters.

“The concept selected by everyone who voted is amazing,” Evans added. “It will be very exciting to see the vehicle transformed in just eight short weeks by this dedicated group of women. The drive and talent this collaboration of women from the SEMA Business Network (SBN), Ford and Source Interlink Media brings to this project is nothing short of phenomenal.”

If the concept proves successful on the auto show and racing circuit, not to mention the blogosphere, then Phoenix Valley automotive enthusiasts may be able to look forward to a Ford High Gear model car hitting Phoenix Valley Ford showrooms sometime in the next few years.

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