5 Things to Love About the Lexus NX 200t F Sport

While the Lexus NX 200t may not be as successful as its big brother the RX, it’s still a small crossover SUV option in the Lexus line that’s sharply styled, sleek and full of flair. In base form there’s plenty of modern, aggressive design, combined with terrific driving characteristics to tap into. However, while the base model NX is good, the F Sport is undeniably better! Here’s a list of five reasons why.

  1. A large, black spindle mesh grille and slanted headlights make the 2017 NX 200t F Sport look like something straight out of shark week. It turns up the heat even further with beautifully designed 18” wheels. In addition to these important upgrades, you’ll also find cornering front fog and driving lamps with premium LED daytime running lights.
  1. To match the sporty exterior, the F Sport package provides an interior to match. It features comfortable but nicely bolstered NuLuxe seats to keep you firmly in place through the twists and turns. There’s plenty of metallic trim around the cabin, race inspired gauges and a unique steering wheel with paddle shifters tastefully tucked away behind. Qi wireless charging is an especially nice touch for all you tech-heads with smart devices that support that sort of thing. Which is to say, a majority of modern smart phones these days from both Apple and Android.
  1. The F Sport model blesses its owners with sport tuned suspension. Combine this with a fairly responsive chassis and an eager 2.0L turbo and you’ll be more than satisfied with the driving mannerisms of the 200t. Acceleration is smooth and overall body movement is well controlled without ever punishing you too much over dips and bumps.
  1. ASC (Active Sound Control) is another awesome feature in the F Sport. It basically amounts to a dial that augments the engine noise by creating engine-like sounds through the interior speakers at high rpm’s. ASC makes the NX 200t sound fuller and more pronounced when aggressively driven. While this concept isn’t a new thing, with Lexus, you have the ability to turn the dial and adjust the sound intensity, or if you choose, turn ASC off all together.
  1. Everything and anything else. In short, the list of differences gets long. From the 2-tone finish on the wheels, blackened out side mirrors, the fun F Sport badges, aluminum sport pedals and the host of other useful features that will come with the F Sport that would  otherwise be add-on options for other models. This could range from upgraded safety features, to a way better sound system and everything in between.

With any Lexus model, It’s clear that a big focus throughout the developmental process is always creating an engaging, fun driving experience first. Gone are the days when a Lexus was soft, flat and boring. The F Sport takes the already magnetic NX 200t and turns it all the way up to 10. Making a good case for not just settling for good, but having the nerve to take it all the way to great.

Price as tested: $45,718.00

By: Brandon Randall 

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