4 Tips for Buying a New Vehicle for Phoenix Arizona Residents

With all of the great new models coming out this year, not to mention the cutting edge technology included in the 2011 line-up, it is a great time for any Phoenix Arizona resident to consider purchasing a new vehicle.  Yet there is the middle man, the car salesman.  While being a car salesman is a noble and necessary profession, as someone in the market for a good deal on a quality car, we must keep in mind that the job of the salesman is to sell, not to inform.  So what knowledge and forethought must we equip ourselves with before we head out to the auto lots?  Here are a few tips.

4. Look for Rebates and Incentives:  Manufacturers, not the dealers, offer cash rebates in order to free up overstocked cars.  Check online with the various auto manufacturers for these.  Also, check trade publications to see which models the manufacturers are offering cash incentives on, use this knowledge to get a better deal at or below invoice.

3.  Learn to Negotiate:  Some may call it haggling.  Make an offer to the sales person (below invoice price), they will counter offer, you counter offer back, and so it goes.  It is wise to counter offer by raising your price by increments of one or two hundred.  After the sales person leaves to speak with the manager the second time, he or she will likely offer the vehicle at the lowest price they can that day.  At this point, take it or leave it.

2.  Try an Alternative to the Dealership:  Credit Unions and membership warehouse stores like Costco often offer what is called a “buying service”.  This service will locate the vehicle you are looking for, according to your specifications, and will handle a dealership for you, along with much of the paper work involved, often going as far as to offer front door delivery.

1. Know the Tax Small Print:  On heavy gas guzzlers there may be an additional sales tax of up to $8,000, while most hybrid models actually offer a tax deduction of up to $2,000.  That is an easy way to save $10,000 at purchase.

Phoenix Arizona, being a car city, has many dealerships conveniently located throughout the Valley.  Check with yelp.com to see which dealerships receive the highest overall customer ratings, and stick with those.

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