2023 Toyota Crown LTD

Image via: Toyota

The Toyota Crown may seem like a brand new model to us, but in reality… it’s been a staple of the Japanese automotive market since the mid-50’s. Marketed as a mid-size luxury vehicle, it first hit our shores after a decades-long hiatus, as a sorta sleek, lifted, mid-sized luxury crossover inspired sedan. Big pros are sharp exterior styling, excellent fuel economy with a combined rating of 41 mpg, and an extremely quiet, smooth ride. Often described as a bigger, more comfortable Toyota Prius. Which we mean as a very good thing.

Image via: Toyota

Areas of weakness would include a small trunk and not so powerful 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that only makes 236 combined system horsepower. For a larger, heavy sedan, you won’t find neck snapping acceleration in the 2023 Toyota Crown. The Platinum model is billed as the ‘high performance’ model since it gets a turbocharger. The addition of the forced induction helps it produce a much more respectable 340 hp. This may seem like a big number, but the 6-speed automatic CVT transmission is geared for smooth, polite acceleration more than aggressive, raw speed.

Image via: Toyota

While the extra 104 hp is nice, you’ll sacrifice over 150 miles of fuel range. Even though both models have the same 14.5-gallon tank. Something to strongly consider when weighing the benefits of both. Way more performance or way more range. Sorry, you can’t have both. The 2023 Toyota Crown is a rare offering these days. The combination of a large 4-door sedan, that’s AWD and offers a hybrid powertrain feels increasingly rare outside of the high-priced luxury sedan market. In this regard, the Crown stands unchallenged in many respects. The combination of soft, quiet comfort, with a spacious interior and a distinctly styled exterior are a great start. Add in AWD with crossover-like ground clearance and excellent fuel economy in the non-turbo model, and suddenly you have a reliable Toyota with undeniable appeal.

Price as tested: $50,020.00

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