2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Image by: Toyota

The Toyota Corolla has been around for a very, very long time. Production first beginning in Japan in 1966. 2020 marked the introduction of the 12th generation for the U.S. market. Through these many years, the same formula has helped make the Corolla a household name. Representing an era of Japanese auto manufacturing that focused on small cars that were affordable, reliable and fuel efficient. While American muscle, with stretched wheelbases and thirsty V8’s rolled forth from Motor City Detroit, The Corolla, unambiguous and inconspicuous in comparison, has withstood the test of time and stuck around. While everything around it has changed rather dramatically.

Image by: Toyota

Refining and perfecting the Corolla over these many decades, today the 2023 model promises the same desirable mix that’s allowed it to stay relevant for well over 50 years. It’s still compact, affordable, reliable and fuel efficient. With the Hybrid model especially, you’ll routinely get 44 mpg combined city and highway. The same shortcomings that have always existed remain. A 1.8L 4-cylinder engine equals slow acceleration. A build that leans into practical and budget friendly means a little too much road noise at higher speeds. A compact design will also leave backseat occupants searching for every inch of headroom. Though legroom isn’t too bad.

Nobody can argue that the Toyota Corolla has never looked better. More aggressively styled and sharply designed than ever before. Sporty enough for a high performing GR edition. Even the Hybrid model came with 18” graphite-colored alloy wheels! 2023 ushers in some minor tweaks to an already exciting design. A new 8-inch infotainment system debuts. Along with better driver assist and collision avoidance technology. 

With the addition of Hybrid technology, a higher-performing GR version, and all the models in between; it’s clear that Toyota plans to continue its long-running support of the Corolla. Making it incrementally better with each new installment. Exciting has the bold and beautiful six-figured vehicles are, there is an important space for cars like the Corolla. Something that’s easy to use, comfortable and unwavering in its noble mission to be a car you can just count on. Here’s to many more generations of delivering just that.

Price as tested: $30,388.00

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