2023 Mazda CX-30 Premium Plus

Image via: Mazda

Mazda makes cars that are boldly designed. With straightforward and upscale interiors, fast and responsive powertrains and chalk full of standard safety features and driving aides. Above all though, Mazda makes cars that are fun. Hard stop. If there isn’t a strong element of fun to be had, They’ve missed the mark. Lucky for us, they don’t miss often, and they certainly didn’t miss with the 2023 CX-30.

Image via: Mazda

There is one caveat to having fun in the CX-30, and that’s to spend a little more for the 2.5L turbo engine. This upgraded power plant will spool out a very impressive 310 lb-ft of twisty torque. In a compact crossover, you’ll find plenty of responsiveness and pep while driving around town. Especially when Sport Mode is selected. Paired to this fast revving and powerful 2.5L engine is a suspension set-up that keeps body-roll to a bare minimum and lets you really feel what’s going on underneath those four round pieces of rubber. There is a trade-off here though, as the athleticism and nimble handling comes at the cost of a firm ride. Mostly noticeable when driving over speed bumps a bit too quickly. Par for the course when you’re prioritizing fun over comfort. For Mazda, it’s the compromise we would expect and hope to see.

Climb aboard and you’ll find a dark interior, with padded door panels and dashboard in black and dark brown. Heavy stitching flowing across. The Premium Plus package will ensure that the leather wrapped steering wheel and seats are heated. There’s a clean sounding 12-speaker Bose audio system, a sliding glass moonroof, heads-up display and much more to enjoy. The back seat and cargo area also offers plenty of space for luggage and a few extra passengers. Clean, clutter free and minimalistic are words that best describe the Mazda CX-30’s interior. Even the infotainment display is small compared to most, but it works well with the overall design theme. Not the least bit intrusive and very easy to use. Mazda implements a few tricks that I appreciated as well, like integrating your fuel range and average MPG’s right on the digital gauge cluster. Average is 25 combined by the way. They also display on the speedometer the miles per hour with a red line, and indicate by how much you’re going over. Simple, effective features to keep you in line and on track. 

Image via: Mazda

For 2023, the Mazda CX-30 continues to be a well-rounded, affordably priced bit of fun. It’s nimble, athletic chassis and torquey turbocharged engine are perfectly poised to entertain and delight. A sporty exterior, posh interior, high rate of reliability and always reasonable price-tag serve as really big bonuses as well. 

Price as tested: $37,205.00

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