2023 Honda Accord Hybrid

Image via: Honda

The Honda Accord Hybrid was already one of the best out there. 2023 brings us a full, top to bottom redesign. With big, impressive improvements across the board. This brand new model year represents the eleventh-generation of the Accord. Certainly enough time to know what works and what needs to be improved upon.

For just the warm-up round, Honda stretched the new Accord by three inches. Giving almost all of it to the back seat. More legroom in a family sedan is never a bad move. In addition, a new hybrid powertrain helps the Accord accelerate faster and achieve better fuel economy. With 44 combined mpg for you to enjoy. Faster and more fuel efficient rarely coincide, but if anyone could achieve this important double-win, it’s Honda.

Image via: Honda

Most notable of the many changes would be the sharply styled and dramatically redesigned exterior. The interior received its share of changes, but on the outside, the new Honda Accord looks incredible. Sharp and sleek. With a look and feel that you could mistake for a European luxury rival. Features narrowed with a long, horizontal arrangement. The single taillight stretching across the trunk lid. Every line exaggerating the extra length and size of the new Accord. Effective changes that help it feel fresh, modern and luxurious. 

The interior of the 2023 Honda Accord looks as sleek as the exterior. With plenty of design elements borrowed from other members of the family. Like the honeycomb-pattern dash trim that obscures the air vents. Just like in the new Civic, CR-V and HR-V. A large, freestanding 12.3” color touchscreen display looks great and is easy to use. The 2023 Accord features other updated tech, like a new digital gauge display. The interior is assembled with an incredible build quality, is plenty spacious, relatively quiet and very comfortable. Especially with the widened front seats to accommodate larger builds. 

The Honda Accord has been an absolute fan favorite for decades. The 2023 model, with its many changes, only improves on this already impressive track record of success. It’s bigger, faster, more fuel efficient, luxurious, tech ready and driver friendly than ever before. Honda knows what its customer want, and this latest model Accord delivers in every way that it can.

Price as tested: $35,425.00

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