2022 Toyota Venza Limited

You may recall that for some reason, after a fairly successful run, the Toyota Venza disappeared for about six years. In 2021, it was reintroduced, and remains, nearly unchanged in its second generation form for 2022. Today, the Venza may share a lot with the RAV4, but it attempts to differentiate itself with sleek styling and better standard tech options. 

If you’re looking for many more differences, you’ll have a challenge on your hands. Though the underlying architecture may come from the same genome, In the looks department alone, it couldn’t be more different. For a midsize SUV, the Venza, with its hybrid set up, is a quiet, comfortable, fuel efficient option that looks and feels more upscale than the RAV4. All-wheel-drive also comes standard.

The 2022 Toyota Venza has nearly every driving aide around, a heads-up display, tint-on-demand electrochromic panoramic sunroof and upscale interior. However, it lacks some important utility pieces an SUV owner may require. The most notable being that the Venza is not rated for towing. Rivals like the Honda Passport or Hyundai Santa Fe are, and will also offer a more roomy cabin compared to the Toyota Venza. That’s not to say that the Venza doesn’t have enough leg room. Even rear occupants will ride in complete comfort, with strong rear vents ensuring adequate air flow.

Photo Via: Toyota

If you don’t need to do a lot of towing though, and are mainly after something that will be soft and smooth around town, with a sleek design, the recently returned Toyota Venza is worthy of serious consideration. The Limited package comes at an increased cost, but gets you the head-up display and long panoramic sunroof. For every Toyota loyalist that wants something a little more sophisticated than the RAV4, the Venza’s return couldn’t have come soon enough.

Price as tested: $44,230.00

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