2022 Toyota Corolla Apex

Image via Toyota

The Toyota Corolla is in its 12th generation of life. When any car model has been around for that long, you know it’s doing something right. For decades upon decades now, this compact cutie has represented excellent reliability, great fuel economy, high value and considerable practicality all around. Through the years, these core values have remained intact. Thankfully though, the introduction of exciting new models, like the Apex edition last year, have helped keep the Corolla enticing and exciting for a new crop of consumers. 

This flashy package brings extra style and attitude to the new Corolla. Our Apex model has 18” black alloy wheels, a sport-mesh black front grille, black and bronze side rockers, rear spoiler and diffuser. Black badges continue the theme, and bronze stitching on the inside compliment the otherwise dark interior palette. These black and bronze cosmetic enhancements look great against the cement colored paint and black roof. Helping the new Corolla really stand out in a crowd.

Not to be confused for a cosmetic upgrade only, the Apex edition Corolla also delivers a sport-tuned suspension. This helps to liven up the ride with a stiffer feel and more body control through the corners. A sport-tuned exhaust deepens the engines tone a bit, but can only do so much with a 2.0L naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder. Paddle shifters and a Sport driving mode are additional findings we would’ve never expected from a Toyota Corolla ten years ago. But here we are. 

It may have started its humble beginnings in Japan way way back in 1966. But since then, the Toyota Corolla has grown and spread to cover the world. Proving to be a real force in the compact car market. Toyota was smart to never let it stray too far from the core values that made it so desirable to begin with. Meanwhile, a more premium looking interior, and exciting new models like the sporty Apex, have helped to keep the Corolla not just relevant, but one to watch with each new generation. 

Price as tested: $29,634.00 

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