2022 Mazda CX-30 Premium

Image by: Mazda

We love the Mazda 3 hatchback! It’s fun, quirky design is unique in so many of the best ways. If you agree, then you’ll undoubtedly also appreciate the CX-30’s design, which looks like a larger, more rugged version of the 3 hatch. With the extra square footage and ride height, the CX-30 is primed to be a popular choice for small families who need a little more room to grow into. With all-wheel drive now being available across the CX-30 line.   

As is typical with Mazda, The CX-30 has a fit and finish that would have it competing with the likes of the BMW X1 or Audi Q3, but with a price tag more aligned with the Hyundai Kona. Even with the most upscale Premium Plus package, the Mazda CX-30 is still well under $35,000. You may not need all the bells and whistles of this advanced package, but you will at least want to pay the extra for the turbo-charged engine. Without it, the CX-30 feels slow and sedated. With the turbo though, you’ll have 310 lb ft of torque at your disposal. Plenty of power for quick overtakes and frenzied acceleration. This is also a much better pairing to Mazda’s famously dynamic and nimble chassis. 

An enormous list of standard driving aides and technology is available. The exterior maintains its sharp, aggressive design. Black accent pieces and 18” alloy wheels contrast beautifully against the deep crystal blue mica paint on my model. Its the interior though where the CX-30 will really impress. Perfectly edited, beautifully crafted, with the perfect mix of soft leather, metal and padded paneling. In premium plus trim, those leather seats are heated, along with the steering wheel. Bose audio supplies the tunes through 12 speakers, and the infotainment system programmed to control it all is one of the more straightforward and intuitively designed out there. 

With the CX-30, Mazda has once again achieved a remarkable blend of exciting performance, with a class leading interior and attractive exterior. Polish far beyond its price tag. With a long list of helpful driving aides and lots of other standard equipment to enjoy. Letting you have way more than you would’ve initially expected to get without breaking your budget. All of the quirkiness and impressive performance of the Mazda 3 hatch; with way more utility, room and all-wheel drive for good measure. Look out world!

Price as tested: $34,400.00

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