2021 Hyundai Elantra Limited

Image via: Hyundai

Many auto manufacturers have let their sedans fall to neglect. Turning their attention instead to crossovers and SUV’s. Hyundai seems to be taking a different approach. The 2021 Elantra is no exception. Falling under the category of ‘compact sedan.’ The newest Elantra mixes bold design, an aesthetically pleasing interior, undeniable value and the option for great performance from the turbocharged N Line model. 

My Elantra Limited came equipped with a leather trimmed interior in a black motif. Punctuated with some plastic pieces in a metallic finish. Higher-end features like a Bose audio system, complete with subwoofer are available. An enormous 10.25” digital touchscreen stretches from behind the steering wheel, to the center dash. It’s bright, high-resolution graphics look great and provide the interior with an extra measure of up-scale magic.

What’s really impressive about the Hyundai Elantra from behind the wheel though, is the sheer amount of advanced safety and convenience technology available. All the modern driving assists we’d hope to find in a much more expensive sedan are here. From lane following and keeping assist, to radar cruise control, pedestrian detection, collision-avoidance and blind-spot monitoring. 

Image via: Hyundai

On the outside, the 2021 Hyundai Elantra looks like a piece of origami. Filled with sharp lines and edges, like the precise folds of paper. Running along the sides and across the commanding front grille and LED headlights. A single, long taillight, stretches across the length of the trunk, giving the Elantra a modern look. 17” alloy wheels, integrated dual exhaust, chrome window trim and a small spoiler molded into the trunk lid mix together to create a striking design. One that may be too extreme for some, but is undeniably different than anything else on the road. 

Hyundai has become a brand to watch. What was once a company, dismissed as lower quality, and maybe a touch unreliable; has been tremendously successful in rehabilitating its reputation over the years. Now, with the help of their famous warranty package for that ultimate piece of mind, Hyundai has firmly established itself as a brand that stands for quality and reliability. Offering top value and avant garde style.

Price as tested: $26,600.00

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