2020 Lexus GSF

Image via: Lexus

The Lexus GSF continues to be a strong, performance oriented luxury sedan. Not much has changed for the 2020 model. The standard BBS 19” wheels, B-pillars and side mirror caps have gone from gray to black. The high performance Brembo brake calipers ditched the attractive orange color for an optional blue at no extra cost. Aside from that, the Lexus GSF will look and feel no different than it did in 2019. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

The high-output 5.0L V8 makes an impressive 487 hp. It’s retained that wonderful throat-clearing sound at higher rpm’s. Most the noise exiting from the stacked quad exhaust at the rear. The GSF has always impressed with its thoughtfully integrated aerodynamic elements. It pushes the visual envelop just far enough without losing that core charm. These aerodynamic additions look great and are completely functional. The oversized spindle front grille that dominates the front is extra exaggerated on the GSF. It’s flanked by a couple of air intakes for the oil and transmission coolers. Flared fenders get their own ventilation cut-outs to help keep engine temps in check. Attention is paid to areas beyond the reach of the naked eye as well. Get down on your stomach and you’ll find under-body coverings to smooth out the airflow and improve high-speed stability.

Interior styling continues to impress with loads of standard safety equipment and luxurious amenities. The Alcantara door trim and arm rests, combined with carbon fiber interior panels make a strong statement for a performance luxury blend. Other sporty touches abound, like aluminum pedals and sport seats that are colored blood red and shaped like the musculoskeletal anatomy of the human body. They are supportive, relatively comfortable and beautifully sculpted. The ride can border on a tad too firm when road conditions dip below ideal, but the adjustable shocks help soften the blows when set to comfort mode.

The biggest problem that the GSF has always had not only remains, but is getting worse. That is, that as good as the new GSF may be, its competition couldn’t be stiffer. Automotive heavy-weights like the iconic BMW M5, power-crazed E63 AMG or drop-dead gorgeous Audi RS 7 bring serious heat and have a more lustrous pedigree to boot. We’ve entered posters on your bedroom wall territory here. Lexus has made great strides to close the gap and behind though it may be in a category or two, its as worthy a contender in this heavyweight fight as ever.

Price as tested: $89,710.00

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