2012 Toyota Plug In Hybrid Prius Debuts at 87 mpg

Having been showing off its plug in hybrid Prius since the initial concept debut at the 2009 LA Auto Show, the Japanese automaker is finaly getting ready to deliver the 2012 production version, a production version which is, at least on paper, and under the hood, quite different than other prototype versions we’ve seen so far.

The 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle boasts two features that are unique to this generation and make; a selectable EV driving mode, and an energy recapturing system which powers an electric-only driving range.

The selectable EV driving mode will be quite useful for trips requiring the use of a highway or that cover longer distances than simple in-town errand running.  If one has to go fast, or if one is taking a trip on a highway or in the mountains, if a driver has to exert a more than average city driving amount of power, the new plug in Prius is fully capable.  You can switch the vehicle to and from EV mode with the flick of a switch.  This will allow Prius PHEV drivers to conserve energy for electric-only jaunts.

The Prius Plug-in Hybrid is a mid-size car mid-size plug-in hybrid electric vehicle PHEV to be produced by Toyota Motor Corporation and scheduled to be released to the market in the second quarter of 2012.  The Prius PHEV is based on a Toyota Prius third generation outfitted with 5.2 kWh lithium-ion battery.  The lithium-ion batteries were co-developed with Panasonic.

The Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Concept Prius Plug-In Concept was exhibited at the September 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the October 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, and the December 2009 LA Auto Show.  After displaying the concept version in these three shows, on December 2009 Toyota officially announced the introduction of the production model in Japan during the following six months.

Phoenix Valley auto enthusiasts should keep an eye out for the new 2012 Toyota Prius Plug in Hybrid at any local Phoenix Valley area Toyota dealer.  The Phoenix Valley area, with its long stretches of crowded freeway, is one city in America where fuel economy will be of primary concern for drivers, and thus will likely be a prominent feature at this years Phoenix Arizona International Auto Show,  taking place at the Phoenix Arizona Convention center over Thanksgiving weekend.

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